Do you believe a smoothie can’t possibly be satisfying enough in the morning?! Think again!

Try following this smoothie recipe and experience for yourself just how filling, nutritious and delicious it is. Learn more now.

Green smoothie

Why a smoothie?

  1. It’s a really easy way to fill up on lots of nutrients to fuel your body with what it needs to help you look and feel great. Blending also makes many raw ingredients much more digestible so nutrients can actually be absorbed.
  2. It’s quick and easy to throw together. You can even prep the night before then just whizz up in the morning.
  3. You can make it now and eat later. If first thing in the morning doesn’t work for you, make it, pack and have it a little later.
  4. It’s energy balancing – you can easily ensure you have a good balance of carbs:protein:fat and with plenty of good-for-the-gut fibre to avoid blood sugar spikes that cause your body stress, hunger pangs, cravings and your energy levels to crash later in the day.
  5. It’s cheaper and more nutritious than buying a smoothie in a shop or cafe.

Smoothie ingredients

With this recipe I aim to prove that a smoothie makes a completely satisfying and yummy breakfast.


My personal story of jumping on the smoothie train: 

For the first approximately 28 years of my life I ate the same thing for breakfast nearly every day: bran flakes and milk.

There are certainly unhealthier breakfasts to have (eg nothing) but there are much better ones too.

The main problem was that I was getting no variety, too much sugar, and very little protein to set me up for the day. I wanted to change this, but cereals were my comfort blanket. They were the REASON I would get out of bed in the morning, and the idea of swapping for a smoothie was not welcome. But I gave it a go...

My early attempts were disappointing. It was ‘ok’ but just not the same as my bran flakes and milk! But, bit by bit, things changed. I learnt to make delicious smoothies and discovered exciting ingredients to include. I recognised that having a variety of different breakfasts was an easy way to obtain all the nutrients my body needed and my energy levels throughout the morning were much better. I wasn’t hungry until lunch!

Now it’s my favourite smoothie recipes that get me out of bed in the morning and I’m sure they could do the same for you.


The recipe below is for a beautiful bright green smoothie with just the right level of sweetness to make it delicious, without unbalancing you. It makes just over 500ml of smoothie. Enjoy it all to yourself or share, depending how hungry you are.


Your turn:

Does this tickle your tastebuds? Come along to my next ‘Jump on the smoothie trainworkshop:

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  • Blend up some delicious smoothie recipes – hot, cold, and juices too.
  • Learn the magic formula for creating your own delicious smoothies, no matter what you have available.

I’d love to see you there!


Fill me up till lunch green smoothie:


Ingredients  |  serves 1-2  BlenderBlender 

1 handful watercress

1 pear

1 small or half a larger apple

3-4 inches cucumber

1/4 avocado

1 cup broccoli florets

1 tsp maca powder

1 tsp coconut oil

1/2 lime

1.5 cups coconut water

Pinch of bee pollen (optional)



Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Add some water to adjust the consistency to taste.  Add a couple of ice cubes to the mix if you prefer it a bit colder. Sprinkle some bee pollen on top if desired.



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