One of the most common excuses I hear for not being healthy is a lack of time. Here I’ll help you alter your way of thinking and find the time in your day to get your Veggie Superpowers!

We are all busy. We fill our lives with activities that we want and/or need to do each day and, sadly, meal preparation often takes a hit. We want food that is ready fast, with no fuss and tastes good. Often we think the easiest way to achieve this is to buy things ready made or processed so little effort is required. As a result, however, the nutritional value of our food can be depleted. Sometimes all we need is to change our thinking slightly. Just consider the following:

  • You are a result of the food you eat – what you put in your body is what makes you up.
  • Your physical and mental health are everything that you have – don’t they deserve to be something that you prioritise?
  • We are often very concerned with our external appearance and sometimes try to improve it with expensive cosmetics, particular clothing or crash diets – but do we think about the influence that the food we put inside us has on our external appearance?!
  • It’s interesting that we call a ‘treat’ something that isn’t good for us – a treat should be something we enjoy that makes us happy, but it should also nourish our bodies

Shopping listsThe trouble is, eating healthily can sometimes feels like too much of an effort. It requires food shopping for raw ingredients, finding or creating recipes and preparing the meals all from scratch. In truth, with just a little bit of prior thought and a changed perspective on our priorities and what is really acceptable to put inside our bodies, it is really very easy to be healthy. And, even better, it’s lots of fun and can help you to look and feel great!

Here’s how

To help you along the way, you can find below some Veggie Superpowered resources.

Instead of leaving your meal prep until the moment you are hungry and are likely to make less-than-healthy choices, sit down once a week and think about your meals and snacks for the week ahead, maybe with a few recipe books or your favourite foodie websites to hand.

Tick the items on the shopping list that you will need, do your shopping and you are all set for a week of eating well and feeling great! Maybe even prep some of your ingredients so you can whip up meals even quicker during the week – wash and chop veg to size, squeeze all your lemons, bag up your smoothie ingredients – whatever will save you time later.

It can take a little while to go through these tasks the first few times, but once you have planned out 3 or 4 schedules, you can rotate them and just edit the bits you weren’t too keen on or get bored of.

So give it a go.

Commit to spending some time each weekend, or whenever works for you, organising what you are going to eat that week, get organised and stick to it! I promise you will love the benefits it brings.

Want to learn more about how to make the best use these resources? Come to one of my cooking workshops.

Veggie Superpowered resources

Meal planning template

Meal planning template .ppt file

Shopping list template

Shopping list template word doc