Veggie Superpowers…what’s it all about?

LindsayI believe that many people are unaware that they are living life not feeling as vibrant as they could and should! Being unaware or unmotivated to eat and act in a way that optimises blood sugar and energy levels leaves people feeling sluggish or suffering from classic highs and lows throughout the day. Are you stuck on caffeine or sugar¬†addictions? Maybe you have come to accept it, but it doesn’t have to be that way and it could be so much better!

So the idea of vegetables (and lots of other foods and lifestyle choices) having superpowers is my way of saying “You can feel fantastic!”; and aims to inspire you and help you to find out how.

Here you will find hints, tips, recipe ideas and tools to look and feel vibrant and healthful.  So get stuck in, let me know what you think and ENJOY!

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