Personally, I find that the best way to get hold of good quality, seasonal, organic vegetables is to have a veg box delivered. I haven’t fully crunched the numbers but I’m pretty certain it’s a very competitive price with the supermarkets and it’s super convenient too.

But the best thing about it is that sometimes you get a real gem of a vegetable, maybe even something you’ve never seen before! I love working out (a) what it is, and (b) what to do with it.

And so we come to this feature that I like to call “Guess the veg!”, so that you can join on this fun with me!

I’m starting with my favourite. It’s beautiful! Take a look at this…!

Guess the veg! Round 1

So…get involved. Comment below if you think you can identify this mystery vegetable or if you have any good ideas for how to use it! Good luck!