Cacao power smoothie

If there is a single one of my recipes that I go back to time and time again, it’s this one. So tasty, balanced, nutritious and packed with energy making it a perfect speedy pre-workout drink. Let this become your regular smoothie too.

Guess the veg! Round 2

In this round of Guess the veg, I’m focusing on the greatness of eating with the seasons. Find out the answer to round 1, some ideas for using it and have a go at identifying this next mystery vegetable!

6 ways to bounce back after a binge

There are certain times of year when, even with the best of intentions, your diet and lifestyle slide. It happens. Much more important than the act of sin itself, however, is what you do next. So before you reach for the next ‘forbidden fruit’, read on and try these 6 practical ways to move forward.

Spiced bean and buckwheat celebration loaf

I love creating a vegetarian main dish for the spread on Christmas Day. To me it is much more exciting than the meat option as it has so much potential for exciting flavours and textures! This celebration loaf certainly lives up to those expectations!

Marinated chicken and vegetable skewers with almond satay sauce

Try these lip-smackingly good marinated and grilled skewers topped with moreish almond satay sauce. They are a guaranteed crowd pleaser and no one will guess just how healthy they are!

Lebanese lentil-stuffed peppers

Trips to Morocco and Cyprus inspired the flavours in this dish. The sweet peppers really complement the warming spices of the lentils and tangy tahini dressing. And the best thing? It looks impressive but is actually very easy!

Hummus heaven

Hummus is a fantastic, delicious, nutritious snack at any time of the day. Making your own is super easy and if you get in the habit can become a quick and easy part of a weekly routine. Here I will feature not one but FOUR mouthwatering recipes to tempt you!

Warming Friday night veg and chickpea stew

Sometimes a Friday night in is just what you need, but far too often we reach for a takeaway menu that does nothing to prepare us for a great weekend ahead. Alternatively, why not treat yourself to this wonderful warming vegetable stew that’s easy to make and great for enjoying while watching a good film […]

Peach and fig summer smoothie

August is coming to an end and the days may be drawing in, but this is a time of year that brings with it so much wonderful seasonal produce. What better way to embrace these wonderful tastes than with a healthy, filling, comforting smoothie.

Guess the veg! Round 1

Personally, I find that the best way to get hold of good quality, seasonal, organic vegetables is to have a veg box delivered. I haven’t fully crunched the numbers but I’m pretty certain it’s a very competitive price with the supermarkets and it’s super convenient too.

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